Greed 3: Everyday

Greed 3: Everyday Fantastic is calling a word to action while it’s caught in the air Fine is leaving it that way, everyday Word is having something to say to fluid ears Rich is satisfying even when we’re not yet filled There’s a way to cry baby when it isn’t delivered An option to talk back though it isn’t honoured What to do to flapping wings, when they’re not doctored Imagine crying thief when you’re not burgled Everyone, having a part in this fantasy Of great things and great times when romanticising history But that’s not all there is to the treasury Or imagination would be too short a visionary In the soil, right where humus got its name Richness finds glory in what makes us human The very sense and tact of living From right when we’re born Breathing our first Crying our first In the midst of the giggles What is richer than human Greater than together Stronger than forever There’ll be an everyday move to bend the greed And true satisfaction for all in need.

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