Stupid Selfish

Stupid, Selfish, Little Girl

Melanin wallpapers

I would break you in two if I could, but caramel is sweeter than your carrot cackle.
I love it when you shake like you break but you don’t because dancing is better than stepping on toes.
I call you selfish, stupid, little girl because hey, I totally wouldn’t have preferred never meeting you.
You’re annoyingly perfect, in ways I would never imagine if I were an artist asked to design your magic
We’re sisters ages apart and yet born best friends; I definitely didn’t see this coming.
Little girl, when you’re not so little anymore, hey, will you stay annoyingly perfect?
Like wait up for me though I ask you not to; feed me when I say I’m not too weak to;
Laugh when I embarrass myself and pout when I do the same to you;
Hold me with your little able hands, as though I could fall into them if I needed a space to.
I love you and when I say it reply with ok, bye.
Touch my hair though you don’t like it; hug me whenever I ask for it.
That way, you’d stay stupid selfish in the best way you can.

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